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I’ve delivered over 1000 projects in 17 markets, to audiences of 5m plus. For marketers and top global advertising agencies, writing copy, content and campaigns. Results include 2.7m Facebook story impressions for Tourism Ireland and 38% more traffic to a website for breast cancer patients.

But my ‘special skill’ is helping companies find their narrative. Because everyone (and everything) has a story. In 20 years as a copywriter that’s the skill I’ve honed most: finding those Fundamental Human Truths (FHTs) in your product or service. Then narrating them to your audience in a way that engages hearts and minds.

I’m Joel Uden: ex-agency, classic car tinkerer, fine art lover, ardent traveller, volunteer copper and science geek, within easy reach of London. I’m the Narratective.

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Joel combines a creative mind with dedication to his craft. He is equally at home developing campaign concepts as drafting compelling copy for corporate websites.

Josh Low – Senior Content Designer, Ministry of Justice


There’s storytelling and then there’s narratection. By using my laser-like attention to detail and investigative skills, I drill down deeper. To find the Fundamental Human Truths (FHTs) in your product or service, all the gems that separate you from your competitors. Then I narrate them in a way that engages hearts and minds, inspiring your audience to act.

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B2C or B2B but mainly B2H (business-to-human). I write data-driven copy for websites, sales copy, articles, emails and campaigns, based on insights but with a heart. I cut through the fluff to answer the burning question all your customers are asking about your product or service, “what’s in it for me?” while giving them reasons to believe why your offer is superior to your competitors.

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Google rewards high quality content. Your audience will love you if you can inform them, and entertain them. Put the two together and you have a winning combo. But doing it well takes insight, planning, and creativity. I’ve created award-winning, highly effective, content for clients as diverse as GE and Tourism Ireland. And I’d love to create content that works for you.

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I have worked with Joel as a copywriter on several projects. The projects involved a full refresh of corporate and product information, and required knowledge of SEO and HTML. On each project Joel’s work gave the copy a complete refresh. He quickly picked up market and product understanding to deliver content to our financial services clients. His advanced knowledge of SEO and writing for the web was a huge advantage on these projects.

Caroline Cork – Senior Content Manager, Space01

Joel has been an exceptional person to work with. Very results driven, accountable end-to-end, understanding customer’s needs and respectively delivering outstanding work, project-by-project. Joel, with his professional skillset, creative mind and gentle behaviour always went the ‘extra mile’ for us and delivered qualitative results to the full satisfaction of the marketing, marcom and the business unit.

Lisa Schirner – Marcom Manager, Hewlett Packard

Something about Joel

As a freelance copywriter I offer you over 20 years of experience in B2C and B2B copywriting and content marketing. With skills fine-tuned in top tier London and European advertising agencies for blue-chip clients as diverse as Rolex and Renault. To date I’ve won 17 industry awards, not just for creativity but also effectiveness. During the past five years I’ve worked a lot in the healthcare sector—complementing study for my BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences. With outcomes such as a 38% increase in traffic to a site for breast cancer patients. The site won a ‘best practice’ award at Roche and became a benchmark for their patient support websites. I also learnt a lot about how design, UX, and copywriting work better together.

For example, for one of the UK’s largest property management companies I developed a mixed media campaign with a team of five including another copywriter, designer and marketing manager. This led to a 23% increase in site traffic, 1000+ case study downloads and a 14% lift in new business enquiries over six months. With my experience and training, I provide the unique skills to differentiate you from your competitors, leverage your narrative, engage your audience, and persuade them to act. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the past 20 years it’s that when done well, copywriting is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet.

I’m fortunate to have started my career in traditional media, before training in digital. Because this gives me a rare skill-set as a freelance copywriter in that I’m just as effective writing a script or copy for print as I am a content plan, wire-framing a new website, or conceptualising and writing a social media campaign. My passion for digital means I’ve managed the content for many websites and social media platforms and I regularly update my knowledge on SEO and best practice online, using tools such as Google Digital Garage. This has given me a deeper understanding of how to use my copywriting to make communications truly connected across channels.

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Translation or transcreation?

You want to branch out into more markets but how do you keep your messaging consistent and effective? Translation on its own is not the answer.

This free single page PDF explains what’s best.

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My rates

I prefer to be upfront about fees, that way you know exactly what you’re getting and for how much. You can book me for a day, or three days (this tends to cover chunkier projects) for a 20% discount.

  • Day rate £975
  • Three days at £780 per day (20% discount)

I can also work on a ‘fixed fee’ project basis where you’re not sure how long something is going to take but have a definite pot set aside. Please contact me to discuss.

Or you can work with me on a monthly retainer basis. This tends to be for clients who have ongoing projects and campaigns that need to be updated or developed on a regular basis. So, you get a set number of days per month.

I like working this way because it leads to more rewarding relationships for me, you, and your business. Rates for this service depend on how many days you need. But use my rate for three days as a guide.

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