I helped create a mobile app and connected campaign to raise awareness of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Boehringer Ingelheim identified people with COPD are not very good at managing it. And doctors can despair of treating patients with a lung disease who are often smokers or do little to help themselves.

But data shows improvements can be made with simple changes. Also, a patient’s emotional state often impacts on their symptoms. So, I helped develop a campaign for people to use an app to measure their ‘lung age’. The app also tracks physical activity and emotional wellbeing. Plus it provides helpful tips for people diagnosed.

The Lung Life app is a tool for people with COPD to manage their disease and it gives doctors insights into individual patients, to tailor treatment. By using insights with empathy and creativity I told the story of how small changes can have a big impact. Helping two different parties with a common goal and improving outcomes for all.