Investigating investments, with the Narratective

I took complex financial information about trusts, bonds, asset management and tax efficiency—made them all easily digestible and got to the heart of a company’s story. This was to help Fleming Family & Partners update their website and other communications, allowing them to deliver very dry information to their clients in an engaging ‘real world’ way. I also took the opportunity to drill down into what makes them different, with their rich heritage and unique brand personality.

So, I used my powers of investigation to dissect interviews with senior stakeholders, asking them to explain their products and services in lay terms with anecdotal examples. And why clients should trust them over a competitor. This helped me develop a distinct tone-of-voice, while simplifying jargon and leveraging the brand’s history. I wanted the reader to feel as though they were talking to these people face-to-face.

Using similar attention to detail, with empathy for the reader and a drive to simplify the complex I worked with designers and UX. To make sure content was presented as engaging to read and easy to navigate within the site. Analytics show that the average page dwell times increased above 4 minutes (in the top 25% of websites) and business enquiries over the first six months increased by 22%.

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