Copywriting good enough to eat

I used my copywriting skills to help a charity increase consistency in their fundraising activity. For the RAF Benevolent Fund, donations generally peak around Remembrance Day in November. But they wanted to achieve a more even spread of donations throughout the year. They needed an idea to capture people’s imagination that could grow year-after-year.

So, I helped create and launch a uniquely British campaign idea – The Great British Sunday Lunch. I wrote all communication pieces from promotional to activation, website, emails, posters, a direct mail welcome pack stuffed with ideas, recipes, and a ‘how to’ guide. All while weaving in stories throughout the marketing assets of the brave men and women that donations help.

To make this campaign successful I used creativity and empathy to inspire. Writing a narrative that brings the event to life in such a way, people want to get involved and help. The idea is so popular that the RAF Benevolent Fund has partnered with Shepherd Neame and Arkell’s to roll the fundraising lunches out through their pubs. There’s been an 18% increase in donations during April when the lunches are held, allowing the charity to do more good work throughout the year.

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